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Kokoro no itami o keshite kureru no nara mayowazu koroshite teokure yo...
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Monday, September 22nd, 2008
9:18 am
Video games galore~!
SO! My internet browsing has turned out to be very well against me... and my pocketbook. =D

Though it will be quite a while until I'm actually able to buy *anything* (I'm thinking that after my ten day vaca in Jan/Feb, it'll be until maybe April or May 'till I visit a mall next), I'm going to be racking up quite a debt in my head. XD

If I go to Japan, my pocketbook is officially screwed.

Not only is the Sims 3 coming out in NA in America as well as Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the PS2 in December, but Japan is racking up quite a deal of games in the meantime!! And if I have a Japanese mobile phone... there's even MORE for me to choose from.

First off, there's three new KH games in development. I can't remember all their names, but one's for the Nintendo thingy (DS? *shrugs), one's for a cell phone, and one's for PSP--all of which I do not own the (Japanese) systems of, so I'd have to buy those as well as the games. XD. Then there's a new Parasite Eve game for the cell phone. Then there's three FFXIII games, as well as a new FFVII: Advent Children movie coming out at some point. Oh yeah, and then there's also Final Fantasy: Dissidia. AH!! It's gaming time~~

Oh yeah, and Star Ocean 4 is in production as well.

Otakus everywhere must be cursing their wallets. XD! =D

Aaah, but this is the best time to have a job~~

Hopefully I can at least buy COM when I come back, because there's no question I'll be here after it's out. And at only $30 (or less, since a good two+ months will have passed), it's a steal!! I've never played COM, because I don't have the system and I thought the graphics were bad, so I'm excited~!

So, not only will my passion for brand names be fueled--but so will my inner geek.

Now, there's just that 'don't know Japanese too well' thing going on... but ah well. I can always pretend I know what's going on, right??

Current Mood: enthralled
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
7:42 am

To those that find this entry: I'm bored, and I thought it would be fun to spaz about the things I can finally buy because I'm getting a job. So ignore it, or read it if you're bored, or just if you are as fashionista as I am. XD

I was thinking about the money I'd have when I come back from boot camp yesterday... and it's not going to be half as much as I thought!! T_T I'd get about three thousand, I think, but about 1000 of that goes to taxes. And then another 1000 goes to my laptop, and maybe even more. Which leaves me with a measly 1000, some of which my parents may use to come to see my graduation and some of which I have to use to get myself back down to NC for school. >_< So, we'll assume I'll have $750. My goal is to have 500 for my savings account, but that's not gonna happen. XD. Assuming my parents take me to King of Prussia to go shopping for whatever I'll need, I'm totally attacking Sanrio... their prices aren't bad at all. I figure I'll buy myself a new bag, since that tote one, although cute, is more of a summer bag... plus the straps don't go over my shoulders, and I can't stand that!! >_< I might also buy some new stickers for my laptop, since although I've got dozens of HK stickers, I want shiny ones!!! I might also locate some cell phone rhinestones, and stick them all over my laptop. =D

Anyway!! So I'll buy a new bag. I'd also like to buy another cosmetic case (I saw a cute frilly pink one the last time I was at Sanrio, but I doubt it'll be there next time too) and a coin purse with lots of compartments. I'll need some new clothes, since I know I'm going to lose a few inches well... everywhere, and most of my clothing I have now maybe won't fit!! So I'll buy a new pair of jeans, most definately, and perhaps a dress, some casual t-shirts, a dressy shirt, perhaps a skirt, some shorts (short shorts and longer length ones, if I can find them in February XD), some underthings, and perhaps just a few shirts I find along the way. I looove going to Deb, since their clothes are so cute and so cheap, so I might very well end up spending most of my money there. Oh yeah, and I need a belt! I'll probably also buy some sneakers, if I feel the need to, one pair of flip flops, and a pair of strappy sandals. I'd really like to buy some Uggs or, at the least, some furry boots, but I don't know if I'll have the money!! >_< Oh yeah, and I want to buy some pajama tops and bottoms. I can't really walk around in longer t-shirts when I have roommates!! That would be so embarassing... >_<

So maybe, that's all the clothes I'll need. And that might end up being about $200 or more!! >_< Of course, I might end up going low on the summer clothes, since maybe I won't need them until--well, summer. XD. I might not even need a dress or sandals, either, though since I haven't been able to wear a dress correctly for a long time because of my unproportionate body, I might buy one anyway in excitement. XD.

Next, makeup! I'm probably going to go to Sephora, which gets pricy... but it's also SO worth it. XD. I'm just going to ask a salesperson for help in this case, or I'll be there all day!! I'll give myself a set price (100? That sounds reasonable), depending of course on how much I spent on clothes (and I can keep in mind that there is a mall near the place I'll be attending school, so I won't need clothes THAT badly. I don't even know if I'll have room in my closet! Or if I'll be allowed to wear civilian clothing!!

So, I'll give the salesperson my price limit, and I'll ask for a recommendation on a whole set of cosmetics--coverup, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss (since I'm not fond of lipstick). I might not even need any foundation, since it gets so expensive at Sephora anyway. >_< And then I'll go about my merry way buying cosmetics, and I might also buy a perfume and some facial washes while I'm there. And some Philosophy products!! And maybe some of the Sephora brand body washes, too, because they smell so good. *_* And of course, whatever else my eyes find. =D If I end up with the money in the end, I WOULD like to buy a Lancome Juicy Tubes from Nordstrom or wherever I can find it... they've actually got newer ones than just the regular 'Juicy Tubes'!! They have a new fishnets one, and they have ones from around the world... they look so delicious. *_* I want one!!! But they're like $20...

One thing I will buy, without recommendation, is Diorshow Blackout mascara. I saw the Diorshow mascara... well, somewhere, and then I saw it again, and again... I finally saw it in person last month and not only is the bottle so pretty, but I just read a review on it and it is the super blackest mascara a person can find. =D It's like, $24, but I think it would be worth it. Unfortunately, there is my mascara-holic problem... I'll have to buy a new bottle every month. XD

Among other things I might buy...

Nail polishes!! Once I learn the policy of nail polish in my uniform, I'll buy... well, I'll buy whatever darned color I want, but I'll at least know the policy. XDDD. M.A.C. has some really nice colors, but they're kind of bland. Sally's has nice colors!! I really like the nail colors at Sally's; in fact, I might head there with like $30 and spend it all on nail colors and rhinestones. And of course, some hair products to make my poor hair shine like new again. *_*

Lotions and food-scented perfumes!! Bath&Body Works is my own private haven, and who knows what they'll come out with in three or four months?? I'll probably end up buying quite a few things there, if I find something good enough. I know that in the KoP mall there is a BIG B&BW, and they have all kinds of products there--including this delicious chocolate scented body scrub, that I fell in love with the moment I smelled it. XD. Even if I don't buy the scrub, there are other things there--lotion, body wash, etc--and I might buy one. There are other scents I like, too!! So maybe I'll end up going crazy. XD.

Paper-makeup!! The last time I was at Wal-mart, I saw that Mary-Kate and Ashley have come out with paper-applied blush, etc, and so I thought it would be a nice addition for my purse. You know, in case I'm out without makeup and see a cute boy--take out a couple of different packages of paper foundation, plush, and add a little lipgloss, and poof! I look presentable. =D And of course, I need those cute little 'rip-slip-brush-ah' toothbrush-without-the-toothbrush things. XD. And I'll keep a separate makeup bag to put all my little paper makeups in. Oh yeah, and I think it would also be great to buy these little double sided tape thingies eventually, too, that I saw at Sally's, in case of an askew bra strap or something. =D But I won't need them for winter!!

Ipod and digital camera. Yes, without living in this house, I will, sadly, lack a camera! So, perhaps not with my money from boot camp but with my first paycheck, I'll buy a digital camera. Since I have an mp3 player, I won't need an ipod just yet... but I want one!! And one of those cute little kitties too, that you can plug an ipod into and make it dance. I'd also like to eventually buy a cell phone too, but I don't even know where I'm going yet. I'd like to go to Japan but if I don't, maybe I'll be on the sea for six months. Does Verizon work in Hawaii, Korea, Guam, and Australia? Maybe not. =D So I'll wait for a cell phone until I'm settled down. =D

So, I think those are all the extras I'd like to buy... other than perhaps, stocking my purse with lip glosses. I was just reading a review on Mary-Kate and Ashley lip gloss, and it got a LOT of good reviews. Granted, most of the women were older and said 'if I were a teenager, I'd like it more'... well, I'm a teenager! And I like glitter! And I LOVE scent! So perhaps, instead of spending $30 trillion dollars on a gloss at Sephora, I'll buy myself some yummy glosses from MK+A. =D And I also want some lipsmackers. Yum!!! I think their Vanilla Frosting is deliciouuuuusssss~~~

Aaah! I just found something that I want. It's called Klean's German Chocolate Cake scrub. YUM!! I am absolutely OBSESSED with food scented products, and this one seems to take the cake (XD). Apparantly, it is a very thick chocolatey scent--bonus points for the faint coconut smell it leaves after the product is washed off. Not only that, but apparantly it makes your skin feel like a baby's. Even more bonus? A medium sized jar is only $21. I want it!!! The link to it is here: www.kleanbathandbody.com/German-Chocolate-Cake-Body-Polish-pr-3.html.

Waaa... I want to go shopping. :(

I REALLY want to go shopping.

On another note, I really started packing up my room yesterday. =D I got two boxes of stuff!! Sadly (or not, thanks to shipping costs?), I think I might barely fill up four-five boxes with my stuff. Ah well. I'm not taking my furniture, so maybe five boxes isn't as bad as it seems. Unfortunately, I do have to leave a lot behind--where I was a tech junkie, with a big tv, cable box, giant cd player, VCR, DVD player, and PS2, I now have nothing. :( Eventually, I'll buy myself a new PS2. I might get lucky and have roommates who have TV and a DVD/VCR player. If I buy an ipod, perhaps I won't need a cd player--I can stick all my music onto my 350 GB laptop, and stick it on the ipod. As for the PS2... I can't live without it. T_T

So, yeah. I've got lots of stuff, but not near enough as I'd like to have. I had my eye on a Louis Vuitton travel bag, but it looks like it's out of reach now! There's still the Hello Kitty one...

When I get myself more stable financially (FYI, once my wardrobe is complete, I have a new set of makeup products, and I own a PS2, ipod, and digicam), I'm going to start importing things. ^_^ Yesstyle seems to have FANTASTIC clothing choices, and I believe they ship to FPO addresses as well. ^_^ Unfortunately, the measurements and clothes themselves are more for Asians... so I don't think I can buy from that site until I verify that I am small enough. I probably will be at least small enough for a medium or a large, so maybe it won't be that hard. =D I'd also, if I'm not stationed right in Japan, might end up importing some things for myself--cds, posters, etc--and cosmetics, as well. I love Japanese cosmetics!! I found a few websites that import makeup--but why should I bother if I'm in Japan?? I have to wait until I actually see the room I'll be staying in, but I'd also like to go out and buy some accessories for it--bed clothes, lamps, etc. =D I downloaded a room deco book yesterday called Cutie Room Book, and I might use that for inspiration--although as far as wall art goes, posters posters posters!! ^_^

Anyway~~ I think I've been on here much too long! My stomach is growling today, and I've got a lot to do on my laptop (my writing is, sadly, falling behind), so I think I'm going to take care of all that. Bye~!!!

Current Mood: anxious
Monday, September 8th, 2008
8:24 am

There's a new Final Fantasy game in the works called Dissidia, and it features tons of characters from a whole bunch of underplayed Final Fantasy games!!! It's got Kuja, Zidane, Jecht, Tidus, Ultimicia, Sephiroth... and my FAVORITE, Squal Leonhart!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there are a whole bunch of others, too--I just can't remember their names. =D

So, hopefully, Dissidia will be out or will at least be *almost* out by the time I'm in Japan. =D I want to buy Dissidia posters! I've already decided that most of the posters that are on my wall now probably won't go back up again, because when I'm in Japan I'll have too many opportunities to buy posters that mean more to me than a bunch of bands I don't listen to. Or ones that will creep my roommates out. XDDD

That aside, I'm writing a lot lately. ^_^ Hopefully I can get Laconic Oblivion completely released by the end of this month!!

The Hanazakari no Kimitachi e special comes out on the 12th of October... unfortunately, I leave the 13th and will not be able to see it until I return. However, if I'm there long enough, when I come back not only will that likely have subtitles, but the Sims 3 will be out! And, if I'm SUPER lucky, Dissidia will be near release. And I'm going to buy Gackt's nine*nine collection, unless I spend too much on outfits and stuff. Hopefully I won't go *too* overboard... but if I do, that's fine. I just found out that I'm going to be practically put on a leash while in school in NC, and so I won't be able to make my way to Charlotte to shop with Sam, or to find any decent clothings. The mall in Jacksonville doesn't even have a Hollister!! T_T So, while I'm at KoP, I'm just going to buy lots of pretty things there. Especially in Sanrio. XD

So... Dissidia... I want it. ^_^

Current Mood: enthralled
Thursday, December 6th, 2007
4:07 pm
Zettai Kareshi...

I just finished it... I want to say that it has to be one of the saddest things I've ever read. All throughout the duration I wanted Riiko to choose Night... and she did, but everything just went so bad... and it made me sad. 

I can't touch on the things I felt while reading. There were so many emotions involved... sadness, happiness, joy, pain, anger, and a lot of other things I can't explain. I think that, at a first place seat next to Imadoki, Zettai Kareshi takes a new seat as my favorite manga. If something can make me cry so willingly, then I want to buy it and treasure it always. ^_^

If you haven't read it or heard of it, it's called Absolute Boyfriend (in America) and is seriously one of the best things I've ever read. ^_^ Go and read it, everyone!!

Current Mood: pensive
Sunday, August 19th, 2007
8:31 am
WOW~!!! I love my Hana Kimi <333
Hmmm... my obsession is growning stronger. =D It's official--Hanazakari no kimitachi e has consumed my life~! I've just spent about an hour saving icons, looking at pictures, staring at dozens of entries, downloading, researching DVD burning, and finding alternate ways to download my wonderful Hana Kimi so I can make myself a DVD that much quicker.

The whole process is so confusing. I've just learned, in these too early hours, that I've been downloading soft subs and that sometimes, they just don't show up. So now I'm busy downloading the second part of episode three (which is going WAAAY too slow for my tastes) and also getting a hard subbed version of episode one. I read that sometimes, soft subbing does indeed work, but I'm a little worried. I also just learned that I have to do something to convert the files to DVD! I'm definately waiting until my dad gets home to screw with this, but I guess we have enough space on the computer for me to download the first four episodes in both soft and hard subs. My dad can look at the links I've saved to help me with the rest. The DVDs were cheap too, so if I really want to I can make one with soft subs and try it out. Of course, I've also found a method to burn my soft subs into the video file so it becomes a hard sub, but I just don't want to have to download all the programs!! Ah well. Actually, hard subs seem a lot easier to acquire!! Sure, it takes almost an entire day, but with the soft subs (and Megaupload >_<), I can only download one part a day, and there are three parts. With the hard subs, I get the entire episode, and it looks like it could only take a day. Plus, I can download more than one at a time!! 

Actually, it looks a little slow now. The time keeps going up to 20-24, but it's still okay and it's still faster than I could imagine. I'm so glad! Plus, this hardsub place has other shows I'm dying to see-Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, and a few others. I've seen the first two episodes of Gokusen already, and I love it! I couldn't watch HYD because apparently, it's licensed! >_< I really really really wanna see it though--it has Oguri Shun in it, with blonde hair!! *_*

So my love for J-doramas has consumed me. I don't mind. But I'm going to need a lot of DVDs for all the things I want to download~!!


God, I love Asian television shows. *_*

Well, they posted the seventh episode of Hana Kimi the other day, so I'm off to go watch it and do some other things! Byes~!!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, June 8th, 2007
11:10 am
Wallowing in a sea of despair...
So many things are happening lately that it's difficult for me to take a breather, sit back, and understand. I'm going to the beach tomorrow, but I really don't want to go. I'm going to be away from my computer, my music, my stories... and everything's going to be so wrong. I can't work everything out by myself.

It was the last day of school today. I should be hyper and energetic-I'm going to a party tonight with people, boys, I've never met before, but I feel melancholy. The boy I liked is now dating someone else, and he liked me too!! But he chose her, probably for many reasons-the fact that he and her had something back in ninth grade and have known each other for years is probably a large factor. 

I'm sick of being alone. Everyone in my little 'posse' is dating someone, usually inside the posse itself, and there's no one left for me. I'm tired of being left behind!!!

The boy I liked is now lost to me, and this makes me realize only one thing-maybe I had a crush on him to prove myself, to prove something that probably isn't true. I don't want to face it. I want to continue hiding.

My mother is, in a way, pushing my friend-my best friend-away from me, unknowingly. She doesn't trust me alone with this friend; she's afraid of me getting into a relationship with this friend. And yes, I like this friend still, but I wouldn't ever push myself onto her or her onto me. We're friends, and simply that. It hurts me sometimes, but it hurts even more when she says she won't come over because she thinks my mother doesn't trust her. I don't know how to explain that my mom more doesn't trust me. She loves my friend! She likes her personality, her friendliness, everything! She's damn near perfect. Mom just doesn't want anything to happen between us which, unfortunately for me and fortunately for her, never will, as much as I can hope for it.

She was, and I hope still is, going to come over tomorrow to watch Gantz all day. She likes that anime a lot, and is curious to see it. I myself haven't seen it in the longest time. But I fear that now, she won't come-just because she doesn't particularly want to come to my home where my mother is hostile. However, she isn't! My mom is just overprotective and though I think she has no reason to be-like I said, I'm not going to throw myself on her or her I-she's not... well, I don't know what else to say.

This problem has my brain in a bundle, and I don't know what to about it. My friend hasn't been over to hang out since my birthday party in the middle of last month, and if this keeps up, I might end up freaking out. I can't deal with losing my friend just because of... something stupid like this. These trivialities. It makes me so angry!!

I really hope I don't go to this party melancholy. I really need to unwind and get ahold of myself...

I can't handle something like this much longer. I want to snap. I want to drive my fist right through the wall until my arms bleed.

But I have to keep my composure and get her back to me... in a friend way, of course.

Current Mood: melancholy
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007
3:03 pm
Kimi ni Aitakute...

I'm bored.

Yes, I'm going to make a journal about just how damned freakin' bored I am.

I wrote a new story (or at least some of it) the other day about Adamantine and his teenage past, before Tears of the Sky starts. 

I really want to start working on TotS some more. It's almost 800 KB, and now I've left it alone for so long. It was going so good, too!! I guess instead of writing it in spurts, I should have started from the beginning. I'm considering changing the names of Citrine and Sapphire temporarily because I really don't like them. Plus, their characters are rather transparent. The story is told through Sapphire's POV, and she's the dullest character I've ever written. I want to redo everything I've done with her so far. I wanna give her and Citrine more interesting names, perhaps something that relates into the story, and then give them a more... well, make them interesting. I need that first part to be interesting, because that's what is supposed to get people attached! A lot of editors would look at the first chapter, I'm sure, so I need to make it interesting! They can't just be two normal teenage girls-they have to be intriguing, canniving, somewhat decieving. I also need to make Adamantine (his old man self) be a hateful bastard! I need my readers to hate him too!!

And then, moving on to my critique of Part II... Adamantine's 25 year old self is rather... odd. His personality is inconsistent. He acts like he loves Ryan, as he's supposed to, and he flirts with Alexandrie... well, a little more than he should. He's got a mind of his own, and he says 'make me straight!!!!' XD. Second, he needs to have a little more... well, something. I mean, he went through that thing with Mariko around... well, three years ago? No... let's see, I'll map it out a bit.

1/2 year in insane asylum - 22?

1 year in freshman college in WV - 23

1 year in sophomore college in NY - 24

Now: 25 going on 26!

So like... 22-23? I have this all mapped out somewhere, but I'm too lazy to pull it up. Anyway, it wasn't that long ago. He should still be affected by it! And yet as soon as he came to SH college he picked up Ryan's sister, went through that thing with her, and blah. But he'd just gone through everything! Technically, Mariko should still be in his thoughts constantly. I'll mention her often maybe, but not explain who she is for a while. But then... would that make readers mad, or make them want to keep going?

The third part of Tears of the Sky isn't really problematic. It's actually the smoothest running part, other than the fact that some of it is quite short and the first chapter needs to be completely rewritten-I wasn't such a fabulous writer when I was 14!! Maybe I'll stick in a short explanation of the main love interest from my newest story, just so Adamantine's got some sort of a male love interest in the past. And it's still totally in character since in the end (according to the planning, anyway), Adam totally rejects his lover's death and goes on living normally-which is definately something his druggie ass would do.

Anyway, all I've got to say is that it could use some work and a little more of an indepth plot... but other than that, it's a really good story and I can't wait to finish it and publish it. It'll take some doing; maybe I'll make it my summer project!!

Onto other news... Prof. Delusional has decided to be my beta!! I'm glad, seeing as my newest chapters of Caustic Effulgency and Laconic Oblivion were rather bland and tasteless. Up until... well, the most recent pieces of LO, it's all bland. I don't think Keisuke would cut himself, and... well, I left a lot of other pieces and details out that I should have put in. All in all, she's got her work cut out for her. >_<

I really need to improve my freakin' writing skills!!

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
3:20 pm
WAIII!!! I was playing on the NaNoWriMo site, and... oh my!!! I'm really stressed out now, and wonder if I can make it!!! I know 50,000 seems like so little to some people, and is even starting to sound like little to me, but... oh my gosh!!! It's just so overwhelming!!! I'm wondering if I can juggle that, a job, and school, and homework!!! Ugh!!! Plus, my plot seems hole-y. Or rather, not enough to write about. Or something I might not exactly be ecstatic to write about. I mean, why should I sit in a math class or Chemistry or lunch and be compelled to write about people getting their skin scraped off? It doesn't make me sick or anything, but I might not exactly be super thrilled or super inspired to write stuff like that. >< I don't know. Hopefully I can push myself enough to get it done. Since I have two months still to prepare, and since school hasn't really broken into the difficult things yet, I'm gonna make up the character profiles, make little scenes to get a feel for that particular, and perhaps draw a picture of each person, save Adamantine and possibly Hiroki, Ruiza, and Asagi because I know what they look like. I can also do some research on the diseases that each of them have, and mark down some more queer, distinct marks-like something that would affect their perception. One could use tons of cutoff sentences, one rapes ellipses, one notices tiny things about others, one speaks with a slur, one speaks with an educated tone, one doesn't speak English very well, and other things like that. There should also be a difference in perception of theirself, and perhaps I'll do a pre-scene where all the characters are together in a room, and are noticing the others and some of the things about them. I'll have to study freaky movies too, especially ones like Hide and Seek and Identity... which I think I want to watch tonight. =D

Anyway, I've got the characters down. I'm still in the process of creating, and I'm taking their diseases into thought... trying to plan them accordingly. I think I'm on Axel now, and I have to go back and play with the others too. Some of the characters I don't really like at all, and you know what? Most of them are GIRLS! I have like twice the guy characters, or I would if I hadn't forced some girls in. I'm really upset that they are all either Russian or Japanese, too. D= Some of them I'm not sure about their heritage, so I haven't filled anything in yet. And I don't know if the character planning is even gonna hold up!!! I think tonight, if Jenny doesn't come over to study Japanese with me, I'll try and finish up some of the characters, and I'll try and create a plot too, so I'm not just working cold turkey. I'm not sure exactly what's gonna happen... I've got the beginning and the end, or a skeletal version of the end, but nothing for the middle. I might make little subplots with the other characters, since they aren't there for nothing. I'll need to make plans of when each character will die off, so that when they do the POV is through a different person's POV who happens to witness the other individual dying-they can't die while I'm in their POV!!!

Other concerns... I guess I don't have much else beyond that right now! Just my problems with the plot and creating the characters. Hopefully I'll get those sorted out before November!!! I really can't wait for this contest!!! Hopefully now Kristen doesn't come for Thanksgiving... I would really hate to have to ignore her because I'm writing! That's not a very good host at all! And Marissa might be coming up, too!!!

Ah... anyway, I'm off to do research, and then I'm gonna eat and watch some TV!!! I wanna try and work on LO today... I would like to up it sometime before October, or if I'm lucky, the middle of September.
Thursday, August 24th, 2006
4:40 pm
Byuu... so here I am again. I'm bored!!! *runs around screaming* I haven't been able to work on anything worthwhile... except my abs, haha. I have tried not to eat much today... and it worked!!! I ate some ramen, and a peanut butter slathered bagel, and then I'll eat supper and drink a Frappachino. That's it!!! Whee!!! I've been doing ab workouts lately... ever since I saw Tsunehito and how his stomach went from a little flabby to nice and smooth, I want to do the same. I know I'm kind of already flat stomached, but... I want abs! I know it used to be a lot worse... so I'm grateful that it's better... but... I want it even more better!!!

Ehe... ab rant. ^_^ I think I'm done talking for today... cause today was boring. I did nothing but write down lyrics and watch tv. Tonight, I get to staple 500 school forms together and I get a coffee in return. Whee.
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006
11:11 am
Um... so here I am... again! I don't have much to say; just thought I'd pop into my own journal so that people wouldn't think it's neglected. I got a lot of work done in my writing, and for that I am proud! I think it is the influence of those lovely egg flavored, cream cheese smothered bagels... they are so yummy... hehe. ^_^

*cough* Anyway! I finished the Love Piano scenario that I was supposed to write, and in two days! I'm gonna go through it and add some more, and take some out... it's only like 4 pages, and I want it longer!!!

Oh yeah!!! And also coming from the inspiration of the cream cheese bagel, I worked on my story La Dix Croix, and also Searching for Paradise!!! I'm very proud of myself. <333 I also finished my outline for my enterence to the NaNoWriMo contest, so yay!!! I've got fifteen characters and some basic information on each, and I also wrote a short scenario to give myself a feel for switching the POV's.

Plus, I've got a bunch to type up for Lakonic Oblivion, and I might spiffy up the first chapter and post it for yayness reviews. ^_~ But, even though it sounds good, I don't like it enough. I think Kazuyuki's personality doesn't hold up enough. T_T

Anyway, I think I'm done ranting... I guess instead of my Xanga, I'll just use this thing... for my story ranting and/or ranting on the excellency of a cream cheese bagel!
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